Sunday, January 31, 2010

ok, so far

in the new year I've gotten word that a few poems of mine will be appearing in The Chimaera (issue expected in February or March) and a few more in Right Hand Pointing (Issue 31, expected in March). Some accepted last year are also due soonish: Moonshot's inaugural issue will feature one, as will GRASP's next issue (expected in June). I've posted links to a few poems that are up at various places and will continue to update the list as it (hopefully) grows.

In the meantime, the meagerness of my page does not in any way indicate what is on the other side of the links I've posted thus far as my blog list. Seriously folks, check out Howie Good, Blake Butler, Kristina Born and Mark Gluth if you haven't already.

Back to reading manuscripts for now.


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