Monday, January 3, 2011

Peter Schwartz

has written a poem about me:

The PT Principle

It's 2:47 and I'm thinking about Parker Tettleton. How his eyes have the kind of half-broken kindness I've only ever seen in children raised by their grandparents.

It's 2:59 and yes, I'm still thinking about Parker Tettleton. I'm wondering if he eats healthy or if every morning he wakes up starving for Pop Tarts.

It's 3:11 and yes, this could be construed as unhealthy.

It's 3:18 and I'm thinking about Parker Tettleton. I'm wondering if gym class was awkward for him. Or if he made use of his study halls so well he never had to bring homework home.

It's 4:04 I'm seeing how it would please my pride to beat a man, be he bearded or not, for stepping to Parker Tettleton with anything but love in his intentions.

It's 4:09 and I'm wondering what Parker Tettleton thinks about Jesus.

4:10 then if Parker himself wears sandals in the summer.

5:13 comes and you are not Parker Tettleton and it is possible you have no feelings about this.

But then it's 5:35 and I'm not sure if I want to be alive, but I will, if nothing more for the Parker Tettletons, the questioners.

5:56 and it might as well be Christmas.

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